Jacksonville Regatta, Region 3b Championship
Alan Perkins defends
by Martin Gray

The Region 3b Championship was the 5th stop on the Winter Circuit of the Florida EC-12 Association. Race Director Martin Gray called the captains' meeting to order at 9:00 am on Sat 27 April. The 27 skippers introduced themselves which included:
3 lady captains
5 captains from the Villages Club
3 captains from the South Daytona Club
5 captains from outside Florida

The sailing instructions were discussed. The National Seeding List was used to set the initial A and B-fleets for the P/R schedule of races. The winds were lighter than expected ENE at 5-7 MPH so the "left course" was preferred and the course board drawn up with 2.5 laps. Racing began with the B fleet at 9:30 am and 15 boats with A-rigs approached the start line. The top 4 boats moved up to the A-Fleet and 16 boats lined up to start the A fleet. The course proved challenging over the next 6 races and the ENE wind tended to clock to the E and freshen to 9 MPH with gusts of 13 MPH as a total of 5 different captains scored bullets. By Lunch break (which was arranged by Sheryl Bremer) Dick Hedderick with 24 pts was in the lead followed closely by Baron Bremer and Alan Perkins on 28 pts. A little further down Scott Vernon 37 pts; Dave Linville 37 pts; Jon Luscomb 39 pts; Bob Greer 43 pts and George Balaschak on 44 pts were also chasing hard.

After Lunch and winds clocking to the ESE the "right side" course was preferred and the RD called a course change at 12:50 and race #7 began with the B-fleet. Many captains had decided to change to B-rigs as the wind continued to build to 10-12 MPH gusting to 15. Alan Perkins continued to improve his position over the following five races and after posting two bullets and two second place finishes he was in the lead with a total of 37 pts. Baron Bremer and Dick Hedderick continued a tight battle with Dick on 54 pts inching out Baron on 57 pts for second and third place respectively. Bob Greer and Jon Luscomb continued to post consistent results and were slowly pulling ahead of Joe Walter, Jake Leo, George Balaschak and Dave Linville. Further down the fleet after a rocky start in the morning (caused by electrical failure) Ricky Gerry posted two bullets in Race #7 and #10. Steve Pfeil also posted a bullet in race #9 and put together a series a good results. At the close of Saturday the top 10 results with one T/O were as follows:
1. Alan Perkins 28
2. Dick Hedderick 46
3. Baron Bremer 46
4. Bob Greer 57
5. Jon Luscomb 61
Joe Walter 67
7. Jake Leo 76
8. George Balaschak 78
9. Dave Linville 82
10. Jim Kaighin 106

At 9:00 am on Sun 29th the captains meeting was called and with the light winds variable ENE - E at 0.5-1 MPH the RD decided to hold off on racing until 9:30 before posting the course. At 9:45 the A-fleet with 16 boats lined up for the start of Race #12 as the winds increased from 1-4 MPH from the East. Alan Perkins continued his dominance of the regatta by posting 3 bullets in the next three races while Baron Bremer and Dick Hedderick battled hard to stay close to each other and remain in 2nd and 3rd place. Bob Greer was also posting some very consistent big results followed closely by Jon Luscomb who was posting some great finishes. Further down the fleet Ricky Gerry was showing great form and enjoying the Easterly 3-5 MPH breeze with a brace of top 6 wins. In the final 4 races and the end game in sight Dick Hedderick posted two bullets in races #15 and 16 while Baron also stepped up his game and posted two bullets in races #17 and 18, as Alan Perkins began to slip back into their clutches. Bob Greer and Jon Luscomb kept fighting hard all morning to maintain their 4th and 5th positions. Further down the fleet Steve Pfeil was enjoying the Easterly breeze with mixed results and stealing a 3rd and a couple of 4th place finishes. Brenda Pardee surprised the A-fleet boys by taking 2nd place in the last race #18. By the end of Sunday morning Alan Perkins had shown that he was the class of the field to beat and had done enough to maintain his 1st place win over Dick Hedderick who tried so valiantly to reel him in.

There were four captains who spent more time than most "On the Bubble over the weekend and they are Tom Philips…12 Times; Steve Pfeil...12 Times; Dick Reinke…13 Times and Rueben Casares…16 Times. A free entrance to the next regatta (The Villages) was given to Rueben Casares…now known as “Bubble Boy.”

Many thanks to all 27 captains for their participation and making the Region 3b Championship such a great success. I would also like to say a Big Thank You to the following volunteers for all their invaluable help and contributing in no small way to making this such a wonderful weekend. Barbara and John Andras who worked as course observers, Robbie and Susan Chandler also worked as course observer. My wife Patricia who worked on the name tags; scoring and printing score sheets, etc.. Sue Kelly who assisted with entry of scores and score sheets. Cheryl and Baron Bremer for lunches and recue boat. Tom Philips and Joe Walter on setting the course and moving buoys, Tom Germer drinks and snacks, Karen Luscomb photographer and finish line, Ken Morrison regatta protest committee.


1 Alan Perkins 14 51  
2 Richard Hedderick 38 58.2  
3 Baron Bremer 81 65  
4 Bob Greer 52 81  
5 Jon Luscomb 45 90.4  
6 Jake Leo 10 125  
7 George Balaschak 2200 131  
8 Dave Linville 99 143  
9 Rick Gerry 63 154  
10 Steve Pfeil 110 164  
11 Joe Walter 24 169 Withdrew on Sunday
12 Fred Pfeil 15 175  
13 Jim Kaighin 20 177  
14 Tom Phillips 65 188.4  
15 Dick Reinke 36 196  
16 Scott Vernon 80 209  
17 Brenda Pardee 12 252 Tie Breaker
18 Ruben Caseres 39 252  
19 Doug Ceparan 69 278  
20 Becky Gerry 44 308  
21 Jim Pardee 63 312  
22 Richard Sbordone 11 328  
23 Chuck Ellis 19 329  
24 Dan Pearce 13 342  
25 Jim Kelly 27 346  
26 Jim Merello 50 355  
27 Judith Clarke 2015 375  


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