The Villages Regatta 2017 Gator Regatta Fleet List

Starting in B-fleet


These positions are only a skippers starting possition for the first heat of the regatta. The regatta will be sailed using the Promotion/Relegation (EORS). The National Seeding List was used to set the starting fleets. The B-fleet will sail first and the top 4 boats will be promoted to the A-fleet. The A-fleet will then sail. Skippers will be scored 1st to 17th in the A-fleet and 18th to 30th for those remaining in the B-fleet. Both races combined equal one heat. the bottom 4 boats in A-fleet will be relegated back to B-fleet to start the 2nd heat. The racing continues with B-fleet, then A-fleet and 4 boats moving up and down between the two fleets each race.