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All materials except Test 505
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Test 505 A & B Rigs


Test 505 Main Only


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Most sails can be delivered within 10-15 days.

John B Sails by John Bottensek, specializes in making competitive sails for the EC-12 Class. I started sailing the EC-12 in 1982. I am still an active EC-12 sailor and attend at least 4-5 regattas each year. It’s rewarding to see more of my sails at the regattas as time goes by. John B Sails now has six types of sail cloth to choose from and a large selection of colors for corner reinforcements. I also have a large selection of colors for tell-tails giving the sailor more choices for coordinating.


Sails are made to meet EC-12 Class Specifications.
All jib sails come with jib luff wire pre-installed.
All main sails come with luff attachment tabs pre-installed and ready to slide right on your mast.


Tri Spi 25 Tri Spi 40 Tri Spi 50 PX75
Drafting Mylar 1.4 Mil Test 505 (note pricing differnce)


TELL TAIL COLORS: Hot Pink, Black, Red, Orange and Green